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Craving For Change

by The Boring

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Landscape changing, we still driving fuelled by passion but also love and friendship. Rain or snow, I know where to find a warm place, happy faces, no fucking vices. Lend your hand; then get in the van! We’re safe together, that’s why I’m calling you all my home. Home’s where friends are! Watch out for your bros and sista! Home’s where friends are! Fuelled by passion, love and friendship! I don’t wanna sound like Roger Miret, but this one’s for family and friends Home’s where friends are! Nothing more nothing to less to say!
Scars from yesterday are not healing well! Ghosts from the past are everywhere! This world is a fucking burden for every new life created. We have to protect this garden, from everything our fathers left. At birth we’re innocent, but with time passing by, we’re compliant! Still, we’re not the ones who made this world falling apart! Dealing with consequences of choices we didn’t make… We’re still fucking crushed by the weight of their years of glory. But we’ll heal these scars together, No matter how painful exit wounds will be or how much we will bleed. Cause we’ll heal together from everything our fathers did: They’ve wasted what nature gave us, and still taking bread from our children’s mouth! Ghosts from the past are hard to kill! To make them fall, who’re you gonna call, no Ghostbusters, it’s just you and me And I give today my solidarity to send ghosts back, back to the past And I give today my solidarity to heal the scars from yesterday! It’s our choice, our turn “one life one chance” to refuse this fucking heritage! Refuse it! We won’t change the world in one life, but we refuse to carry on this heritage!
Who makes us think that we're responsible if we have no job, no cash, no life? Who makes us think that we are the problem, of these crises, we, the poor? Who tells us that unemployment is fucking caused by immigration? Now who's doing everything they can, to make us living in fear? These governments are nothing, nothing but fucking terrorists To protect themselves and industries, These governments are nothing, nothing but fucking terrorists To deny us and our dreams Desperation, guiltiness, hate of difference and selfishness Planted as seeds in our brains to terrorize us, we're divided They throw us a bone, feeding the starving ones, with lies and hate They terrorize us, they deny us just pay and give your vote They terrorize us, they deny us, shut up and give your vote They just need us to get our vote, they just need us to get our vote They do need us so raise your head don’t live in fear
Their Reign 02:05
This fucking money system is based on vicious lies, They’ve created needs we never asked for. It seems to us that they're the ones in need of consumers. The game is rigged but we're still playing cause we're trapped into it. It's ruining our lives. This same fucking path: birth-school-work…and die alone! We're giving a lot of time to earn money to live, While they're taking our life to make money to rest. Their bonuses are based on our misfortune. Their bonuses are based on our misfortune. They make us believe it's a one way street but we'll take a side way or the reverse one! Until we hit the finishing line! Same system, same faces! Digging lands to raise their mountains, For decades of decadence. Their bonuses are based on our misfortune. Same system, same faces, same shit!
Pump Up The Volume (free) 02:50
Did we forget who we are, why we died, what happened before? Where it came from, what we were, where it's going? And all the lies, all the images, all the dreams they got into our brains? But I'm not blind! I see the outside walls of this rat race. Standing straight instead of crawling, getting Stronger instead of giving up! Feeding on every word the say, we'll spit their culture back in their face! Their ears will bleed from the sound of our voices. As "silence is violence" our screams will bring back peace! And break the walls of our jail. We'll run the race no more. We'll dream and hope again!
About Time 01:00
We still growing up and it won’t stop, but sometimes tomorrow seems so far away! As we were never taught, we’re always learning and fuck things up. Time passes by, we raise our minds, but still our bodies keep us down. Daily 9 to 5 with 4 hours sleep is breaking us down. How can we be so short every fucking day! I guess this is the price of having “started today”. Rather be time’s slave than of stupid rules, The cold clocking watch won’t fade the flame of our belief! At least we tried, time passes by, we fuck things up but. At least we tried, and looking forward we won’t give up. We won’t give up, and if you don’t come I’ll go it alone I won’t give up, I’ll never will, I’ll never will!
I guess now we’re all free! Or did I understand Marx wrong? Putting an end to history was supposed to be the final step. But dumbing down the kids is no freedom, It’s indeed more like keeping us on the ground. They don’t want them to remember stuff. They need good mathematic soldiers. How stupid is it to tell us to forget the journey we all did, With its glory and its shame. I wanna remember what our fathers did to fuck this up, to trap us in there. I don’t wanna believe this is how it’s supposed to be. “Scientific power has outrun our spirits We have guided missiles and a misguided youth.” Clone’s war is not a fiction, not anymore.
What is our future? What is going on? What is the potential of improvement? Schools are fucking dying; health is in a dead end: how should it help our future? Tell us what's the big picture, cause all I can see is wasted public money. Tell us what will you do when your illiterate kid will need a doctor? What I see is: Increase of repression: regression. Decrease of education: regression. Public debt explosion: regression. Everything leads us to become a dead nation! One thousand symptoms, but only one disease: An injustice system ruled out by the same old shitheads. But some causes are worth to fight that’s why we'll keep fighting.
What are those images going through your screen? Or those you can see from Hollywood Magazines? Selling life quality of massive richness, Hiding its stupidity and its emptiness! How can we stand this culture preaching for the way of life of vultures? How can we stand these messages? Reducing people to images of something they're not! Selfishness & richness, but this is just emptiness! Some may look for acceptance, but I won’t be a copy of what they want! Some want to look like a reference, but what the fuck is the point? Emptiness, fulfilling our eyes and ears! Emptiness, makes us braindead, makes us spend! Emptiness, selfishness & richness! Cultural distress, our fate is emptiness. The more you show, the higher you'll fall!
Can’t you hear the voice inside me? It’s telling me to piss off authority, It’s telling me to give them hell, It’s telling me to rise against them. It's the part of me that still a child, Making me stay apart of your world full of rules and full of shit, That I'd like to explode with a big firecracker! Cause that's what we are: some children stucked in grown-up bodies. Forced to life’s responsibilities, but our child heart is like a bomb! And someday it will explode, can't you hear the tick tick tick in our hearts? That will bring the world back to human basics! Not giving up! I can’t say goodbye to my child heart! Yeah this is just the way we live! We’ll bring the world back to human basics!
So it’s on again… The good’s fighting the bad, another war for peace. For a good reason, there’s nothing bad to pull out the weapons of peace. Peace with post colonies, ‘till good gets what he needs, Then the bad’s just a tradable piece. Another war for oil and resources! But what about “developed” countries reinforcing their armies? What about this arms race, raising hate and weapon industry exchange rate? New rules for this old game: the art of covered war. War for peace! Human rights as a reason to kill. War for peace! Hypocrisy of the blood industry. When you’re safe at home, some are facing bombs. No real peace where there are resources. There’s no war for peace! Just war for profit! War for profit! 20 000 nuclear weapons in the world. For what? For who? For when? I just can’t understand! War for profit! There’s no war for peace, just war for profit.
I feel so fucking sick now. So sick of them telling me what i am and what I'm not. I don't wanna live by the clock. I don't wanna be a reflection in those fucking mirrors. I wanna see through. I wanna live through. We wanna see through. We wanna live through. I wish I could still wander and feel alive as I waste my time. I don't need this pressure, no I don't! I don't need to be a part of this world, cause I think I found my way. I found what I wanted to be. Trying will be my epitaph, and I am proud today, Cause I'm not afraid of failure anymore, no more. Those images will fade away but the memories of what we were will shine forever. The sound will remain, and the words will stay the same. Those songs spoke to me once and it saved my life. Those songs spoke to me once and it saved my fucking life. They'll speak to you too, if you can listen and not just hear. I wish we can sing together 'till our voices break all the chains. So sing these songs to think, to not sink !
As We Waste 03:13
Abandoned on a bridge burning from both ends. Future is a word becoming meaningless. Violence is putting us on our knees. A dead end… there will be no happy ending! Carbon sphere, we’re carbonised! Food we eat, we’re cannibals! Hopeless fear for tomorrow! No more waiting but taking action, our reaction has to begin now! It’s like every living form has to be killed by human presence: Weakening nature, waiting for viruses to take it all away. And we’re aware but don’t act, frozen, by changing everything, For something this fucking economy can’t even measure. Money sphere keeping control! Fucking greed is killing the earth! Human fear of the unknown! No more waiting but taking action, our reaction has to begin now! It has to begin now!! The earth’s been covered by so much concrete, Where will we burry our deads? Nuclear winter, rising water, climate change? I don’t care what’ll bring the end; I’m just focused on how to change? To stop being at war with our own home. I want to live in peace with it. Cause this is a piece of heaven, but hell is the others. Maybe I won’t be so sorry to pile up the dead. Not so sorry…


2nd LP


released September 20, 2012

Crapoulet, Chanmax, FAMED, Oni Red Chords, Back To Reality, Farce Attack, Stupid Kids, No Routine, Dingleberry Records, Histrion, FouicFouic Crew, Blood & Döner, Kanal Hysterik, Orchid Scent, Another Day, DCT, Monkey Cookie


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The Boring Strasbourg, France

The Boring, 5 pieces punk-hardcore band, eastern France.
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