Let The Captain Sink

by The Boring

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First LP


released October 1, 2010

Crapoulet Records, Chanmax Records, Fight Or Flight, FouicFouic Crew, Back To Reality, Monkey Cookie Records, DCT, Saddest Song



all rights reserved


The Boring Strasbourg, France

The Boring, 5 pieces punk-hardcore band, eastern France.
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Sometimes it's all about finding something to live or die for
How fair is it when you're told what it must be
Following is empty, but leading isn't better
So fuck sake, give the others some piece of respect
As nothing is only, only black and white
Life is a grey scene with colors on the way

And I'll choose which colors I want to paint or not
I just refuse to be told what I must care about
Track Name: Raging Bull
A wise man once said things about the true face of the white man.
Two hundred years later it's truer than ever.
Listen to what he said. Listen.
"They have a mind to till the soil, and the love of possessions is a disease in them.
These people have made many rules that the rich may break, but the poor may not".
How come we're still here ? How come we're still sick ?
No point to surrender cause there's still a fight to win.
Till our last breath, till we're crushed down.
We won't be like those men. Cause for fuck sake,
"It is not necessary for eagles to be crows". We don't have to be fucking crows!
Track Name: Break The Cycle
I can't remember the last time, someone talked about winning less OR GETTING LESS
This wish of vertuous circle is unhealthy, A VICIOUS CYCLE leading straight to hell

It's never good enough
Are they too blind to see
Or too lazy to try
It's not easy, but it's not so hard
Break this cycle or fall down hard

Help us to break this cycle
Join us building our own
Track Name: Just Love
Another right betrayed.

Love is an universal language.
Everyone should be aware, cause everyone have felt it once.
So what's the point making a law against a feeling ?
It's just about love, no matter who is sharing it.

We've got to have equals right.
There is no difference.
No More! We're not into the dark ages.
No more place for witch hunt. No more.

Everyone deserve to love whoever they want. Everyone deserve to love whoever they want.
Track Name: Veni Vidi Distruggeri
We came, we saw, we stole
As the roman empire
But no more invasion
That's a troubling word
Colonization is fucking more right on

Based on which legitimacy?
You destabilized countries
For your fucking greed
How shameful is this ?

You took lives and families to use them as slaves
You took valuable resources to fill the pockets of your friends
Pretending to help and educate
You created war and poverty

And you've never been sorry
There's no sorry in history
Track Name: I Have To Agree With Mr. Smith
The world, the world and the earth are fucking sick
Of 6 billions viruses
Changing, troubling their host
Until it dies, until nobody survives

Over producing waste, changing our environement and not our behaviours
Are we so unadapted? Or are we just so fucking blind to this red alarm, and deaf to the sirens ?

How long will take to change our behaviour ?
Buy, use , throw away!
No more short term thoughts, there's no room for dollars in a graveyard
A human life time is nothing, so stop changing everything but your behaviour
Track Name: No Step Forward
Here comes the day where the snakes bites its own tail.
No future, no place, no hope for a whole generation.
Work for your food work till you die!
They're enslaving us for decades feeding the greed inside us all.
Spiting lies right in our face, why are we happy with that ?
Facts are here, it will explode ! Facts are here, it has already fail !
Now it's our turn, let's not screw it up as much as today !
Track Name: Never Be Out
It will never be out of our lives and never be out of our minds
We're here with you and as one we're gonna help each other to live our lives as right as possible
To face the present and build our future
That's why we scream

That's why, that's why we sing to spit our rage
Against what's wrong, that's why hardcore keep going on
We got to fight all the things we know ain't right
Our scene is here for that
And as one we're gonna help each other
And fuck the ones who think it's not like this

Cause this flame will burn as long as we believe
This flame will burn as long as we believe
Track Name: Braindead (Part II)
Have you ever felt lost in a supermarket?
Have you ever thought if those arrays of food are looking natural?
Or do they provide us a feeling of security,
Protecting us from need then creating the envy

Those fucking retailers control absolutely anything
From your plate to your mind
Checking what's your favorite meal to put it right under your nose
They kill your brain, fill your mouth and empty your pockets

They kill your brain, fill your mouth and empty your pockets

Not enough to fuck the consumer,
They're also killing the producers
Buying cheap and selling more
In a major indifference

They kill your brain, fill your mouth and empty your pockets in a major indifference
Track Name: Peaks For Pigeons
The homeless people are kicked out of the cities
By urban construction made to banish them
As peaks for pigeons, there are armrests on benches
Stones, or plants or columns on a shelter

Poverty is no longer tolerated
It can't be seen by honnest working people
That would made them remember
Their human condition

How cruel is this?
Treating homeless like the plague
I can't understand that fear is making them act like this
But it's unforgivable to treat our peers this way
We're all fucking humans anyway
We're all fucking humans anyway
We're all fucking humans anyway
Don't you forget it
We're all in this together
Track Name: The Gap
There always have been a fucking gap between
The ones who fight for their bills and those who're trying to survive.
But after a fake "disaster", it looks like the great canyon.
Maybe gold don't rust but they will !
Unlike our memories and our good times
Some priceless shit they will never know.
Simple things they can't even imagine
There've always been a fucking gap, but it's getting bigger and bigger.
With governments being investors
And banks as eternal robbers.
We'll take it back.
Track Name: Action Reaction
What people can't see doesn't exist!
Is the only thing that matter.
Clean up the mess,
regardless on where it came from.

Did we learn from any mistakes before ?
Consequences are erased !
But the core is never understood !
Or just ignored !

A symptomatic cure to a dead sick problem.

We're filling the hole but they still digging deeper
All they do here is saying "everything is fine" until the final crash.
The one you won't survive. The final crash.
Track Name: Straitjacket
We're stucked in this fucking straight jacket called life
Prisonners of our own fears and our own limits that we're building around us
Can't you see ? It's a big step to walk, give it a try.
To live our life, free our mind.

FREE OUR MIND It's a big step to walk by
FREE OUR MIND It's a big step to walk by

Nothing to prove, but a little love for life and motivation
That's all we got to resist the fucking oppression
Can't you feel it? A disaster is coming on.
Grab something to hold on, have a fucking passion.
Our life is full of passion, it's our liberation